An Inventor’s Court Win Over Microsoft Took Years—at What Cost?

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Bankruptcy Update November 2022: Mass Tort Bankruptcies

Deborah Mazer of Woodsford describes the recent explosion in mass tort bankruptcies and urges tort claimants to be as strategic as debtor companies that use the bankruptcy courts to address this liability by seeking out litigation funding to pursue their claims in bankruptcy.

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Delaware Chief Judge Targets Funding Disclosures in Patent Cases

A Delaware Chief Judge has summoned a personal injury attorney who has filed nearly 800 infringement lawsuits in the last three years and many others to appear in a series of hearings probing whether the parties have accurately disclosed information about their funding arrangements, building on the judge’s standing order for parties in all cases, not just patent disputes, to disclose when they’ve accepted litigation funding from an outside source—an uncommon requirement seen in few other US courts.


IP Litigation Financing Protects Investors, Not Inventors

Joshua Landau, patent counsel at the Computer & Communications Industry Association, argues that IP litigation financing protects investors to the detriment of inventors, and that greater transparency is needed in litigation finance to prevent this.

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