Apple hit with a new funder-backed class action

London-based Hereford Litigation is backing a new class action claim filed in the Netherlands against Apple for allegedly abusing its monopoly power by making consumers overpay for apps and in-app purchases for more than a decade.

The claim is being brought by the Consumer Competition Claims Foundation, an Amsterdam-based non-profit organisation that takes action on behalf of European consumers against infringements of competition law, fraudulent or misleading acts, unfair commercial practices and violations of consumer law. The Foundation is arguing that the damages Dutch and European consumers have suffered is at least €2.7 billion and potentially up to €4.7 billion, excluding statutory interest and future damages.

International law firm Scott+Scott has been engaged to bring the claim. The Brattle Group, among others, have been engaged to calculate the damage suffered by consumers.

Hereford will be entitled to compensation ranging from 10% to 24% of the total damages awarded.

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Burford backs class action against European power cable groups

Burford Capital is backing a claim seeking compensation for millions of electricity customers in Great Britain. Scott+Scott UK LLP is applying to the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal for approval to bring a collective action against various European power cable companies who allegedly overcharged electricity network operators for power cables, resulting in higher consumer electricity bills. Daniel Jowell QC of Brick Court Chambers has been appointed as counsel. Richard Druce of NERA Economic Consulting and industry expert Peter Bennell of Sohn Associates have been engaged to provide expert reports. Case Pilots has been appointed as claims administrator.

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