Asertis backs potential claim against Mercedes

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Asertis welcomes Roni Pacht as an investment manager

Asertis welcomes Roni Pacht to the team as an Investment Manager and solicitor. Previously, Roni was Vice President (Litigation) at the world’s oldest Sovereign Wealth Fund, where he headed the Global Securities and Class Action Litigation Business and sat as a Member of the Litigation and Regulation Oversight Committee.

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Philip Holden joins Asertis as general counsel

Philip Holden has joined Asertis as General Counsel. He brings with him extensive experience in litigation management, advisory and insurance run off, and is a Fellow of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

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New litigation funder launches in Germany

Dr. Volker Knoop, formerly of FORIS AG, has launched CALVOR GmbH, a new litigation funding company in Germany. The new financier will initially focus on commercial and corporate law, D&O liability law and insolvency law. In the future, it may fund cases around antitrust, patent or tax law. CALVOR will operate independently in Germany, but belongs to the British litigation financier Asertis, from which its financing comes from.

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