Burford backs claim against Republic of Congo

Burford Capital is backing a USD $8.8 billion claim by Australian mining company Sundance Resources against the Government of the Republic of Congo and, if required, the Government of Cameroon. The dispute arises out of the Congo Government’s expropriation of the mining permit of one of Sundance’s subsidiaries in the Sangha region of Congo. Arbitration proceedings have already been commenced in London under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce. Clifford Chance is representing the company. Read more.

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Alphyn Capital makes its case for investing in Burford

Alphyn Capital makes a compelling case for investing in Burford Capital, pointing to the litigation funder’s strong brand in the market and the looming outcome of its YPF case against Argentina that could net the company proceeds between $1.1 billion and $5.6 billion.


The state of the legal finance industry post-Covid

Christopher Bogart of Burford Capital shares his thoughts on what’s ahead for the legal finance industry, predicting that near-term inflation, a potential recession and the need to preserve and enhance working capital will lead to more firms shifting costs and risks to outside legal finance providers.

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Burford backs Australian miner in international dispute

Burford Capital, through its wholly owned subsidiary Woolridge Investments LLC, is funding the budgeted cost of arbitration for ASX-listed Greenland Minerals in its dispute with the Government of Greenland and the Government of the Kingdom of Denmark. After more spending more than ten years and investing over $130 million into its Kvanefjeld rare earths project in southern Greenland, development of the company’s project came to a halt in December 2021 due to a new law banning uranium mining.

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