Burford Capital closes new $360 million private investment fund

Burford Capital Limited has raised a new US $360 million private investment fund, the Burford Advantage Master Fund LP (“Advantage Fund”).

The Advantage Fund focuses on lower risk, lower return pre-settlement litigation investments than Burford includes in its core legal finance portfolio, targeting matters expected to produce returns in the 12-20% IRR range. The Advantage Fund fills the gap between the Burford Alternative Income Fund, which focuses on lower return post-settlement investments, and Burford’s core business.

A range of institutional investors made commitments in the aggregate amount of $300 million. Burford has made a 20% commitment, or a further $60 million. The Advantage Fund’s investment period runs until December 24, 2024, with a multi-year harvest period thereafter under an American waterfall.

Christopher Bogart, Burford Capital’s chief executive officer, commented:

Burford is still scratching the surface of the legal finance market. As we continue to respond to our clients’ needs, we have found unmet demand for products in the middle range where litigation risk remains but where the risk is anticipated to be lower for structural or other reasons. In response to this demand, we have created the Advantage Fund to match client demand with institutional investors seeking exposure to the uncorrelated cash flows of legal finance at a lower risk of loss with commensurate returns.”

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