Can law firms reinvent litigation funding?

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Disclosing litigation funding arrangements: a debate worth having

Tets Ishikawa of LionFish Litigation Finance weighs in on the litigation funding disclosure debate, suggesting that with courts and tribunals increasingly showing they are not being swayed by the potential abuse of the disclosure process by defendants, perhaps it is an opportunity for the litigation funding industry to be proactive and initiate a standard disclosure template for courts and tribunals globally to address this battleground once and for all.

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Hunting elephants: Can big data transform litigation funding?

A new form of legal intelligence is emerging that could shake up the funding industry. Litigation analytics tools scour large quantities of data to predict case outcomes, as well as the likely cost and length of a claim. They can also build profiles of the parties involved, including judges. These data tools promise to bolster funders’ profits, but they also raise the risk of a reaction from the courts, as has already happened in France.

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