Clients vote with their feet as rising costs bite

The team at Harbour has released the results of its survey of 200+ law firm partners, which reveals increasing pressure on law firms from clients seeking more affordable services, suggesting that macroeconomic conditions are quickly impacting the purchasing power of some law firm clients, and that law firm leaders may wish to consider creative options for financing legal services or risk losing out to their competitors. Read more.

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Harbour backs £13.6 billion claim against Google

Harbour is backing a competition claim valued at up to £13.6 billion filed by law firm Humphries Kerstetter at the Competition Appeal Tribunal alleging serious anti-competitive practices against Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. The claim alleges that Google abused its dominant position in the market for online advertising, earning super-profits for itself at the expense of the tens of thousands of publishers of websites and mobile apps in the UK.

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