CNN pushes for Alan Dershowitz to disclose funders in defamation suit

CNN is seeking to compel American lawyer and former law professor Alan Dershowitz to disclose the funders backing his defamation claim against the network, arguing that the funders may have their own motives for backing the case (for example, a competitor or an interested party seeking to silence the news network), casting doubt on the notion that Dershowitz brought the case in order to remedy an actual personal harm. Read more.

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Republican state AGs sound alarm over foreign litigation funding

In a letter addressed to US Attorney General Merrick Garland, a group of 14 Republican state attorneys general warned of what they called potential economic and national security threats posed by investments in US lawsuits by “foreign adversaries”, and asked the US Department of Justice to describe what the federal government has done to address concerns related to third-party litigation funding.

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