Funders’ pricing and the real value of litigation risks

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In focus: Class action lawsuits go mainstream

Class actions lawsuits are going mainstream, aided by litigation funding that has shrugged off its champertous past and is flying the flag for social justice. As more mega-claims hit London courts, however, the practicalities of how group litigation is managed and paid for needs to keep up with changing attitudes – or risk undermining the model’s new-found reputation.

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LionFish invests in 10 cases

RBG Holdings (AIM:RBGP) reports that its litigation finance business LionFish is currently invested in 10 cases with a total cash investment of £3.2 million across the cases, and in April recorded its first successful litigation investment since its launch which provided a gross two times money return over and above invested cash.


Standard Litigation Funding Documentation

UK-based LionFish Litigation Finance and law firm Rosenblatt Limited, both subsidiaries of AIM-listed RBG Holdings plc, have made their suite of litigation funding documentation publicly and freely available in an effort to increase standardization in the market.

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