How Litigation Funding Shifted in the Pandemic

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Litigation Finance: New Possibilities for a Maturing Sector

Jason Goldman of Bloomberg Law predicts that with the litigation financing sector growing, law firms may need to rethink partner and associate compensation models if they begin regularly taking on plaintiffs’ claims that receive funding on a hybrid contingency/reduced hourly fee structure.


Litigation Finance Companies Eye Law Firm Ownership in Arizona

Burford Capital and Longford Capital Management executives say that Arizona’s loosening of legal industry regulations opens the door for them to co-own law firms. They predict that with Arizona no longer requiring lawyers to own firms—and other states considering similar steps—law partners will increasingly consider the benefits of non-attorney ownership stakes. 


Litigation Finance Industry Outlook: Q2 2021

Lexshares reflects on industry activity in the past few months and shares its surprise at the results of Tets Ishikawa’s poll of what users and observers of litigation finance look for most in a funder, noting that in their own experience with funding recipients, pricing is typically much more important than speed and communication, which ranked highest in the poll.

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