LCM backs “UK Buy Box Claim” against Amazon

LCM is backing a £900 million claim against Amazon on behalf of tens of millions of UK customers which alleges that Amazon has breached competition law and caused millions of UK customers to pay higher prices for products sold on and the Amazon mobile app by obscuring better-value deals.

The so-called “UK Buy Box Claim”, which is led by law firm Hausfeld & Co,  accuses Amazon of unlawfully abusing its dominant position by steering potential purchasers to products which are not designed to be the best offers for consumers. Rather, the so-called Buy Box offers are systematically biased to favour goods sold by Amazon itself as part of its retail business; and/or by third party sellers who pay to use Amazon’s order fulfilment and delivery services (which are a key source of revenue for Amazon).

Lesley Hannah, one of the partners at Hausfeld & Co leading the litigation, said:

“Most consumers use the Buy Box when purchasing products on Amazon – estimates range from 82% to 90%. This means that millions of consumers have paid too much and been denied choice. This action seeks fair redress for them. Amazon takes advantage of consumers’ well-known tendency to focus on prominently-placed and eye-catching displays, such as the Buy Box. Amazon doesn’t present consumers with a fair range of choices – on the contrary, the design of the Buy Box makes it difficult for consumers to locate and purchase better or cheaper options. Amazon should not be allowed to take advantage of its customers in this anticompetitive way.”

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