Liti Capital backs claim against cryptocurrency exchange Binance

Liti Capital is backing a claim against cryptocurrency exchange Binance on behalf of traders who lost money when their accounts were frozen on May 19, 2021, a critical day when crypto prices were crashing. At least 700 Binance users were effectively unable to trade on the platform for multiple hours, resulting in estimated losses of more than US $100 million. To date, traders have tried to contact Binance for support and compensation but have been unsuccessful. Under the platform’s terms of service, disputes must be filed with the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. White & Case LLP has been engaged to represent affected individuals. Read more.

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Liti Capital to issue blockchain-based tokens

Liti Capital SA, a Swiss litigation finance company, has announced that it will be raising capital by issuing investors blockchain-based tokens that will be available to investors starting June 24.

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