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Quinn Emanuel Is Willing To Take On Fee Risk But Hourly Billing Still Dominates

John Quinn of Quinn Emanuel tells Christopher Bogart of Burford Capital that he doesn’t foresee U.S. law firms firms transforming into more conventional businesses any time soon, noting that while ownership and sharing of equity in law firms is is coming, like everything else in the legal profession, it’s going to take a long time.


Litigation Finance and Crypto Tokens: How a Blockchain Startup Seeks to Create Financing Marketplaces for Disputes

Eric Chang of Chang Law and Sean McCarthy of ArbTech argue that even though the particulars of blockchain startup Ryval’s offering generate serious doubts about its viability and attractiveness for potential investors, the broader tokenization concept raises fascinating possibilities for the litigation finance space, potentially creating entirely new funding markets and classes of investors.

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The Need—and Cost—for Lit Funding Has Risen for Plaintiffs Firms

For plaintiffs firms managing through a lull in litigation thanks to the pandemic, litigation funding has become an increasingly viable option, but also potentially more costly. As court cases drag on due to pandemic-related delays, the portion of a settlement owed to funders may start to rise.

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