Litigation Risk Insurance: A Tool That Should Be In Every Lawyer’s Toolkit

Stephen Davidson and Stephen Kyriacou of Aon urge litigators whose practices involve high-stakes, high-dollar-amount cases to familiarize themselves with litigation risk insurance and give a primer on the two forms it commonly takes – defense-side adverse judgment insurance and plaintiff-side judgment preservation insurance. Read more.

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3 Questions For A Litigator Turned Litigation Risk Insurance Broker (Part II)

Stephen Kyriacou Jr. of Aon shares with Gaston Kroub of Kroub, Silbersher & Kolmykov PLLC that the litigation risk insurance market has exploded with activity in the last two years and notes that insurers are now starting to come around to the prospect of insuring not only the principal invested by litigation funders and other investors in litigation-related assets, but a portion of those investors’ anticipated upside, too.

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