Nivalion backs EUR 2.1 billion claim against Google in Sweden

Swedish price comparison business PriceRunner has sued Google for a preliminary amount of almost EUR 2.1 billion (SEK 22 billion) at the Patent and Market Court in Stockholm.

The lawsuit follows the conclusion of the European General Court which established that Google has breached EU antitrust laws by manipulating search results in favour of their own comparison shopping services, thereby causing harm to European consumers who overpay when shopping online as well as to PriceRunner and other comparison shopping services.

After extensive and thorough preparations, we have today sued Google for close to 2.1 billion euros. We are of course seeking compensation for the damage Google has caused us during many years, but are also seeing this lawsuit as a fight for consumers who have suffered tremendously from Google’s infringement of the competition law for the past fourteen years and still today” said Mikael Lindahl, CEO of PriceRunner, and continued: “This is also a matter of survival for many European entrepreneurial companies and job opportunities within tech. If American tech giants, through a market position almost equal to a monopoly, are allowed to do exactly as they please and manipulate markets, we can almost certainly count on the fact that many tech companies in Europe will be affected far beyond the comparison shopping market in focus today.”

The company reports that Nivalion is backing its claim.

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