Nivalion expands in Latin America

Nivalion, a leading European provider of legal finance solutions, has announced that it will acquire the portfolio and know-how of Carpentum Capital Ltd., a Swiss company that has been at the forefront of the development of litigation funding in Latin America, with lawyers on the ground in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Marcel Wegmüller, Nivalion’s Co-CEO, said: ”Having supported Carpentum over the last years, we are pleased to be stepping into their shoes in offering funding to companies and law firms doing business in Latin America. This transaction is a logical step after having decided to proactively pursue business in the Americas. Litigation funding is growing rapidly in Latin American jurisdictions. With the assistance of the experienced team at Carpentum in these markets, as well as Nivalion’s long-standing and substantial expertise with litigation funding in different markets, we will be perfectly placed to successfully expand our business in that part of the world.”

Managing Director of Carpentum, Detlef Huber, comments: ”We are pleased and proud to have helped bring litigation funding to Latin America, and we look forward to supporting Nivalion with its progress in this exciting market.”

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New European funding association launched

Deminor, Nivalion AG, and Omni Bridgeway have come together to launch the European Litigation Funders Association. With a focus on the EU, ELFA‘s objective is to represent the industry before EU clients, governmental bodies, international organizations, and professional associations, and to set good standards of practice to be promoted throughout the industry.

Funder News

ILFA Names New Chairman, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee

The International Legal Finance Association (ILFA) has announced its new board of directors, its chairman, and the executive committee. Gary Barnett, Executive Director of ILFA, welcomed Neil Purslow, who co-founded Therium, as the new Chairman. The Executive Committee Officers include: Christopher DeLise of Delta Capital, Susan Dunn of Harbour Litigation Funding, Jack Neumark of Fortress Investment Group LLC, Andrew Saker of Omni Bridgeway and Marcel Wegmüller of Nivalion.

New Fundings

Nivalion backs EUR 2.1 billion claim against Google in Sweden

Swedish price comparison business PriceRunner has filed a claim against Google for a preliminary amount of almost EUR 2.1 billion (SEK 22 billion) at the Patent and Market Court in Stockholm and reports that Nivalion is funding its case. The lawsuit follows the conclusion of the European General Court which established that Google has breached EU antitrust laws by manipulating search results in favour of their own comparison shopping services.

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