One third of big firms ‘actively considering IPO’

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Request by Italy for Annulment of ICSID Award

Italy is seeking to annul a €190 million ICSID award obtained by Rockhopper Exploration in litigation backed by Harbour Litigation Funding. The funding agreement does not cover any costs arising past the date of the award (23 August 2022), and Rockhopper is currently considering funding possibilities to fund both fighting the annulment and enforcing the award if required.


Capping fees will kill collective actions, litigation funder warns

Erik Bomans of Deminor warns that proposals to cap fees from successful cases would ‘kill’ large parts of the collective action market, arguing that a lot of cases will not be funded, defendants will push up the cost of litigation, delaying the case and decreasing access to justice.

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Law firms hold leaders to account on green claims

Law firms are teaming up with litigation funders such as Harbour Litigation Funding and Aristata Capital to hold leaders of companies accountable in ESG matters, bringing litigation against the poorest performers.

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