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Stonward shares five predictions for litigation funding in 2022, including an increase in investments in cases that benefit the public, such as ESG and antitrust-related litigation.
Rose Acoraci Zeck of Bloomberg Law notes that the high patent damages awarded in 2021, such as the $2.2 billion finding against Intel, are spurring additional investments in the space and predicts that in 2022 we will also see an expansion to funding patenting licensing, as funders seek to diversify their investment portfolios with stakes in licensing entities.
Billionaire Leon Black has for months claimed that a mysterious financier is engaged in a plot to destroy him. Now, the private-equity titan has accused his former partner and Apollo co-founder Josh Harris of being behind a “malicious” campaign to take him down. The allegation is laid out in a new court filing by Black’s legal team, as he fights civil claims from a former Russian model, Guzel Ganieva. In a countersuit, Black said unidentified public relations specialists and an unnamed funder were supporting her litigation in a scheme to destroy his reputation.

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