Sharp Blades in the (IP) Razor Wars

The global razor industry is worth $11 billion and the margins are amazingly healthy, which explains why Gillette is so aggressive in defending its turf against competitors. When former Gillette executives left to set up a competitor, they were smothered by litigation from their former company, with claims that they misappropriated trade secrets and engaged in unfair competition, and that the employees breached non-disclosure agreements. Thankfully Shavelogic was able to access litigation funding from Burford Capital and ultimately Gillette’s claims were dismissed as without merit. The ten years of battles for this entrepreneurial start-up look now to be paying off. Two weeks ago, the company announced that it has raised $100 million in growth capital from Jefferies. More from Exalt IP.

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Burford backs class action against European power cable groups

Burford Capital is backing a claim seeking compensation for millions of electricity customers in Great Britain. Scott+Scott UK LLP is applying to the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal for approval to bring a collective action against various European power cable companies who allegedly overcharged electricity network operators for power cables, resulting in higher consumer electricity bills. Daniel Jowell QC of Brick Court Chambers has been appointed as counsel. Richard Druce of NERA Economic Consulting and industry expert Peter Bennell of Sohn Associates have been engaged to provide expert reports. Case Pilots has been appointed as claims administrator.

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Quinn Emanuel Is Willing To Take On Fee Risk But Hourly Billing Still Dominates

John Quinn of Quinn Emanuel tells Christopher Bogart of Burford Capital that he doesn’t foresee U.S. law firms firms transforming into more conventional businesses any time soon, noting that while ownership and sharing of equity in law firms is is coming, like everything else in the legal profession, it’s going to take a long time.

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Agenda for European Litigation Funding Conference announced

Brown Rudnick has released the agenda for its first annual European Litigation Funding Conference taking place on 17 May 2022 in London. The one-day conference has drawn big names from the international litigation funding market who will discuss topics such as opportunities and innovation in deal structuring, the rise of class actions and opportunities in Europe.

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