Swedish businessman Magnus Roth forced to settle claim from ‘corrupt’ Russian official

Convicted Russian fraudster Alexander Tugushev has obtained a settlement from one defendant in relation to a £350 million claim brought by Tugeshev against his former business partners. Funder 17Arm has already provided £7.8 million to cover the costs of the London case, which will now largely focus on another one of the former partners, Vitaly Orlov. More from BusinessMatters.

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Legal sector hits back at EU calls for regulation of third-party litigation funders

Lawyers and litigation funders have hit back at EU plans to regulate the third-party litigation financing industry – including capping funders’ fees at a maximum of 40% of any winnings, and requiring funders to cover defendants’ costs, including any adverse awards – by claiming that the new rules could limit access to justice.

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The money-making business of ministerial life after politics

Graham Paul of EU Reporter looks at the practice of former government officials using their networks and experience to cash in on lucrative business deals and questions why a litigation funder would add a costly former government official to its payroll if not because of the doors they can open.

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