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The team at Burford explores the benefits of the going forward portfolio, including how it can help lawyers avoid having to turn down promising high value cases because their firms’ level of risk tolerance won’t accommodate the clients’ desired fee structure, particularly in areas like international arbitration, where even affluent clients increasingly expect that firms will share the risk.
The team at Burford summarises the GAO report on third-party litigation financing, concluding that, overall, the report's findings are a clear positive for the legal finance sector, emphasising many of the positive benefits provided by legal finance to law and to business, even though critics will undoubtedly work to spin the report otherwise.
The team at Burford highlights 2022's legal finance milestones, including the EU Digital Markets Act setting the stage for future claims against big tech; the introduction of new third-party funding rules for arbitration in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai; and the expansion of alternative business structures among UK law firms.

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