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The team at Harbour has released the results of its survey of 200+ law firm partners, which reveals increasing pressure on law firms from clients seeking more affordable services, suggesting that macroeconomic conditions are quickly impacting the purchasing power of some law firm clients, and that law firm leaders may wish to consider creative options for financing legal services or risk losing out to their competitors.
Harbour is backing UK and Dutch claims of up to 25 billion euros against Alphabet Inc unit Google on behalf of publishers over Google's digital advertising practices. The suits allege that Google deprived publishers of billions of revenues through anti-competitive conduct, namely that it used its publisher ad servers by favouring its own ad exchange and used its ad exchange to favour its publisher ad server, and will seek to recover compensation for all owners of websites carrying banner advertising.
Katch Investment Group have hired Felix Curtis as Director of Litigation Finance. Felix was previously at Harbour for three years as an associate director in the investment team. Katch have committed £80m to a number of litigation finance investments over the past year. Katch are looking to expand and diversify its portfolio, and continue to produce strong returns to its investors.

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