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Woodsford is funding class actions run by Johnson Winter Slattery in the Federal Court of Australia alleging that the numerous vehicles sold by Hyundai and Kia in Australia since 2011 were sold with engines that were manufactured or designed defectively, causing potential faults including sudden loss of power (including while driving), among others. The actions further allege that Hyundai and Kia knew of the engine issues since at least 2015 but continued to sell the vehicles.
Helen Clarke, Frances Dreyer and Felicity Karageorge of Johnson Winter Slattery describe how the Medibank data breach class action - the first major class action for privacy breach related loss commenced directly in the Federal Court - has the potential to be a roadmap for litigation funders and plaintiff lawyers as to how class action style claims can be made following data breaches, likely leading to an increased appetite for fundings and class actions of this kind.

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