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The Association of Litigation Funders of Australia (ALFA) has announced that it is opening up its membership base to include Honorary and Associate Members. Firms that have already jumped on board include the Banton Group, Cornwalls, Epiq, Johnson, Winter & Slattery, Korda Mentha, Mayweathers, McGrath Nicol, Piper Alderman and William Roberts Lawyers.
Australian law firms Mayweathers Lawyers and William Roberts Lawyers, along with an unnamed litigation funder, are investigating potential claims by investors who may have suffered financial losses as a result of a recommendation by a financial planner or stock broker (Advisor) to invest funds in a Listed Investment Company (LIC) or a Listed Investment Trust (LIT) prior to 1 July 2020, including in circumstances where the Advisor was paid a fee for recommending the investment, commonly referred to as a stamping fee.

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