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Mark Beesley of Shakespeare Martineau describes how third-party litigation funding has gone from being criticised as champertous and lacking transparency, to gaining widespread acceptance around the world, and shares some of the innovative ways litigation funding can be used to fund claims that may not otherwise be economically feasible.
Shakespeare Martineau had launched 'InSolvLit', a new litigation funding solution for clients in the firm's insolvency practice. The firm will review claims without charge and, where claims have merit, legal fees will be recovered only if the claims are successful and when sufficient funds have been realised. Similar to its 'FeeManage' service, Shakespeare Martineau will offer a range of litigation funding options, including no-win no-fee arrangements, and will work with a variety of leading insolvency litigation funders.
Shakespeare Martineau is the latest UK law firm to create its own litigation funding solution for clients. Through its new 'FeeManage' service, clients will be able to access funding and alternative means of financing quickly and easily via conditional fee agreements, ATE insurance, third party funding or damages based agreements. The firm will not be partnering exclusively with any funders but will leverage its network of both large and boutique funders and insurers, as well as brokers, to obtain competitive rates and deals. 

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