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Chicago-based Statera Capital’s Andrew Woltman has been selected by the Law360 editorial staff to serve on Law360’s Legal Industry Editorial Advisory Board for 2022. Board members advise and provide Law360 with experts insights on trends in the legal industry to guide future coverage. Andy was formerly a partner at an AmLaw 100 firm, and he is co-founder and managing director of Statera, the leading litigation funder for mid-sized commercial financing needs.
Stewart Ackerly of Statera Capital shares four simple steps that can go a long way towards thwarting efforts by defendants to obtain discovery of communications with a litigation funder and avoid unnecessary discovery battles. His tips include signing nondisclosure agreements, withholding material that is only attorney-client privileged from funders and disclaiming a funder's control over the litigation and settlement in funding documents.
Brandon Baer of Contingency Capital, Fred Fabricant of Fabricant LLP, Michael Nicolas of Longford Capital and Andrew Woltman of Statera Capital reflect on the current state of the US litigation finance industry and the trends they are witnessing in the market, including increased requests from law firms and their clients for upfront capital and an increased demand from the insurance market to participate in litigation finance.
Stewart Ackerly has joined Chicago-based Statera Capital as Director for Client Engagement, Investment Development, and Public Policy. Stewart will focus primarily on originating investments and otherwise meeting clients’ financing needs. He will also spearhead Statera’s public policy and best practices initiatives, which embody Statera’s leadership role in industry ethics.

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