The need to get more value out of a lawyer’s hour

Jacob Varghese of Australian law firm Maurice Blackburn marvels at how the digital revolution has bizarrely increased the overall cost of litigation despite the world becoming more productive in many other areas and points to litigation funding as a tool that corporate counsel should embrace – not to make litigation less expensive – but to make losing less expensive. Read more.

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Philip Lomax of Litica confirms increased insurance capacity

Litica has announced the acquisition of further insurance capacity to support its continued growth and expansion, which will allow it to provide up to around $40million of coverage on a per case basis (the largest in the ATE insurance market), with substantially more capacity available for portfolio transactions.

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Australian Funding Partners goes into administration after $11.7m fine

Australian Funding Partners (AFPL) has declared bankruptcy and gone into administration after being fined $11.7 million. AFPL was the funder behind the Banksia Securities class in which an Australian Supreme Court judge found that AFPL, as well as five lawyers, engaged in “egregious conduct in connection with a fraudulent scheme” whereby they intended to claim over $19 million in legal costs and funding commission from the Banksia settlement.

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