The New Wave Of Group Litigation Firms: Ambulance Chasers Or Purveyors Of Justice?

Andrew Nugent Smith of Keller Lenkner UK makes no apologies for the profits his firm and others are making in the modern group litigation landscape, arguing that the profit is not as extreme as it might first appear when the risks of bringing these claims and the time cost of money is taken into account, and maybe more importantly, firms like his are providing justice to individual consumers and playing a wider societal role in influencing corporate behaviour. Read more.

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In focus: Class action lawsuits go mainstream

Class actions lawsuits are going mainstream, aided by litigation funding that has shrugged off its champertous past and is flying the flag for social justice. As more mega-claims hit London courts, however, the practicalities of how group litigation is managed and paid for needs to keep up with changing attitudes – or risk undermining the model’s new-found reputation.

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