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A settlement has been reached in a claim funded by an unnamed "well-known and sophisticated litigation funder" on behalf of a group of 123 wealthy individuals, including former England footballer Wayne Rooney, against a senior tax barrister relating to a film finance tax scheme. The terms of the settlement include a dismissal of all claims without any payment to the claimants, and an almost £1 million payment to the barrister in respect of his costs.
The UK Supreme Court has dismissed an application for permission to appeal a decision refusing to set aside an assignment of certain claims which had been entered into between the liquidator of Edengate Homes (Butley Hall) Ltd and Manolete Partners plc, giving insolvency practitioners some comfort that the court will be reluctant to interfere with the discretion exercised by office holders in making commercial decisions, including the assignment of claims.
GreenX Metals Ltd, a Perth, Australia-based mining company, said its £737 million arbitration claim against Poland, which alleges that Poland has breached its obligations under the applicable treaties through its actions to block the development of the company's Jan Karski and Debiensko mines, is proceeding at pace following the company's submission of its statement of reply in the arbitration. The claim is backed by Litigation Capital Management.

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