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The team at Woodsford explains why litigation funding is such a great fit for antitrust matters, and provide insight into the softer benefits of litigation funding, including an additional layer of diligence at an early stage of the process, leading to greater rigour in risk and cost-benefit assessments.
The team at Burford explores the benefits of the going forward portfolio, including how it can help lawyers avoid having to turn down promising high value cases because their firms’ level of risk tolerance won’t accommodate the clients’ desired fee structure, particularly in areas like international arbitration, where even affluent clients increasingly expect that firms will share the risk.
Jonathan Stroud of Unified Patents argues that disclosure of litigation funding – which undergirds about 30% of all patent litigation in the US, by conservative standards – remains sparse because the wealthy private investors who fund litigation claims and reap windfall profits have fought to keep litigation funding agreements secret, and asks – if there is nothing to hide, why fight so hard to keep it hidden?

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