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All Systems Must Be Go

Russ Genet, a Director at Longford Capital and a former IP litigator, talks about the crucial rule of due diligence in IP litigation finance, how similar a litigation funder’s due diligence process is to a litigator’s and why due diligence in IP litigation finance is like mission control for a space launch.

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Investors Gain Traction Overseas in Securities Fraud Litigation

Investors suing multinational companies for securities fraud are finding their footing in the Netherlands and other courts outside the US, as legal procedures in these courts are maturing, and litigation funders are flowing money into these jurisdictions, helping to remove obstacles.

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ANALYSIS: Are Boom Times Ahead for Litigation Finance?

A recent survey shows that funders and lawyers aren’t seeing eye to eye on mandatory disclosure, with more than three-quarters of funders disagreeing that disclosure of funding should be mandatory at the start of cases, while more than half of lawyers think the opposite.

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