Why a £40m Barclays litigation case on dangerous breast implants could prove a gamechanger

A £40m litigation case against Barclays could prove to be a gamechanger, opening the floodgates for creditors to pursue banks for questionable restructurings of companies which have since become insolvent and are unable to make creditors whole. Financed by funder Henderson & Jones, which purchased the claim from the liquidators of the Hospital Medical Group, the claim alleges that a restructure of the Group was illegally designed to defraud the Group’s creditors, including women who received illegally made and dangerous breast implants. Read more.

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Barclays faces court over £40m breast implant scandal

Potentially damning email exchanges have been produced in a claim purchased by funder Henderson & Jones, which alleges Barclays helped a private healthcare company avoid paying compensation to women given faulty breast implants.

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