Woodsford supports major Australian class actions against Hyundai and Kia

Woodsford is funding class actions in the Federal Court of Australia relating to allegedly defective engines in various Hyundai and Kia vehicles sold in Australia from 2011 to date. The actions allege that the numerous vehicles sold by Hyundai and Kia in Australia were sold with engines that were manufactured or designed defectively, causing potential faults including sudden loss of power (including while driving, among others. The actions further allege that Hyundai and Kia knew of the engine issues since at least 2015 but continued to sell the vehicles.

The applicants are represented by law firm Johnson Winter Slattery.

Woodsford’s Chief Investment Officer, Charlie Morris commented: “The myriad of defects with these cars is bad enough.  But the fact that Hyundai and Kia knew about the defects these cars had, but continued to sell them regardless is unacceptable. We are determined to hold them to account and ensure that Australian consumers receive the compensation they are due.”

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