AxiaFunder backs shareholder dispute case

AxiaFunder is raising funding to support an unfair prejudice petition claim against a majority shareholder in relation to a high-value housebuilding company.

Citing clear evidence of unlawfully withholding dividends from minority shareholders, lack of adequate transparency, and clear evidence of unlawfully diverting company assets, counsel estimates that the claim has a 65-70% probability of winning at trial (if not settled pre-trial).

AxiaFunder is seeking £190,000 to fund the case through mediation and claim preparation. Further capital will be required to fund the case to trial if no settlement is reached before issuing the claim.

With 50%+ of the solicitor’s fees contingent on the case resolving positively and ATE insurance in place, AxiaFunder is estimating a 3.2x Multiple on Capital for investors if the case resolves favourably at 30 months.

AxiaFunder notes that investing in the offers available on its platform puts investors’ capital at risk and returns are not guaranteed.  It urges individuals to read the full risk warning on before deciding to invest.