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The dispute between Burford and Sysco is heating up, as Burford seeks a court order enforcing an arbitration decision barring the food distribution giant from settling price-fixing claims against major U.S. chicken, pork and beef producers, after Sysco sued Burford for allegedly meddling in Sysco's efforts to settle cases.
LCM chief executive Patrick Moloney says the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank poses a “tremendous opportunity” for more lawsuits, as the firm readies itself to profit on an uptick in bankruptcies as the global economy hits a slump.
A bill concerning third-party litigation funding disclosure as well as certain lawsuit advertising was introduced at the Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee last Tuesday, but opponents are arguing that the industry is already heavily regulated and the true intent behind the bill is to help the insurance industry.
A court filing has revealed that a GLS Capital affiliate and Law Finance Group are funding a patent infringement suit brought by Microspherix against Nexplanon, a contraceptive implant whose US sales were nearly 10% of Merck & Co. spinoff Organon & Co.’s 2022 revenue.
Rachel Rothwell, editor of Litigation Funding Magazine, describes how the entire litigation funding industry could be turned on its head by a UK Supreme Court decision that could potentially render most – if not all – litigation funding agreements unenforceable.
The team at Woodsford explains why litigation funding is such a great fit for antitrust matters, and provide insight into the softer benefits of litigation funding, including an additional layer of diligence at an early stage of the process, leading to greater rigour in risk and cost-benefit assessments.
Manolete has reported record levels of new case investments for 2023 so far, citing the rush of insolvencies following the end of the two-year artificial suppression of the UK insolvency sector, brought about by the UK Government's reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Burford has shared that it is modifying its fair value approach following a six-month review by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) into how Burford values its legal finance assets.
LCM has announced its interim results for the half year ended 31 December 2022, with highlights including an adjusted loss for the period of A$5.5m, excluding cases settled since 31 December 2022 which would have increased LCM only performance to an adjusted operating profit of A$6.3m.
Litigation funding start-up FightRight Technologies has launched a fund that will invest in 15-20 commercial cases with an average ticket size of Rs 5-7 crore for a tenure of 2-3 years, with an expected annualized return on investment of upwards of 30%.
Close Brothers Group PLC has reported a 90% drop in adjusted operating profit to £12.6mln during the first six months ending January 2023, after setting aside more than £114.6mln for bad loans relating to Novitas.
Bench Walk is backing a claim against Visa and Mastercard to be filed by Harcus Parker at the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) on behalf businesses that accept consumer credit and debit cards.

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