Bench Walk backs claim against gaming giant Valve

Bench Walk is backing a claim by Milberg London on behalf of UK users of the online gaming platform Steam who accuse the platform of anti-competitive behaviour.

Proposed class representative Vicki Shotbolt is a prominent campaigner for children’s digital rights. She intends to file a collective action in the Competition Appeal Tribunal in the coming weeks against Valve Corporation, one of the world's largest digital distribution platforms for video games.

Once filed, this will be the second opt out claim for the Milberg London team in the gaming sector, the first being its up to £5bn claim against Sony Playstation.

Natasha Pearman, Partner and Head of Competition Litigation at Milberg London, said:

"Our commitment to consumer rights and fair competition drives us to support Vicki to take this action against Valve Corporation. We believe that Valve has used its market power in a way which is detrimental to consumers and has led to them being overcharged for games and in-game content on the Steam platform.

Competition law is there to protect consumers and the Collective Actions regime provides consumers with a voice and way of holding big companies to account. We’re delighted to be working with Vicki as we challenge the status quo and hold Valve to account for potential infringements of competition law and seek compensation for UK consumers."

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