Omni Bridgeway announces new appointments

Omni Bridgeway has announced new appointments in its Asia Pacific leadership team.

Oliver Gayner (Sydney) and Tom Glasgow (Singapore) assume new roles as Managing Directors and co-Chief Investment Officers (APAC), responsible for jointly overseeing all aspects of Omni Bridgeway’s investment management, due diligence processes and operations across the Asia Pacific region.

Tom has led Omni Bridgeway’s Asian operations since joining the company in 2017 and has built the largest and most respected legal risk finance and management team in the Asian region, applauded by clients and recognised and awarded by industry participants and commentators. In addition to his expanded regional role, Tom will also manage Omni Bridgeway’s international arbitration portfolio, leading its team of arbitration specialists across the globe.

Oliver joined Omni Bridgeway in September 2015 and is a highly experienced legal risk financier with an international practice who has played an integral role in Omni Bridgeway’s expansion into Asia, EMEA and Latin America.

The firm has also announced that Tania Sulan will assume a newly-created role as Managing Director –Transformation, in which she will oversee the implementation of strategic projects for the Board. Tania joined Omni Bridgeway in November 2007 and previously led the Australia New Zealand team as Chief Investment Officer – ANZ, and prior to that she led the establishment and growth of Omni Bridgeway’s Canadian operations as Chief Investment Officer – Canada.

Andrew Saker, Omni Bridgeway’s Managing Director & CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, said: “These exciting appointments recognise the immense talent in our leadership team and reflect the ongoing integration and transformation of our business, from its origins as a founder of the dispute finance industry, to our present status as a global fund manager, specialist in legal assets, and the largest legal risk management team in the world.