Tech Startup Ryval Wants To Gamify Suing People Using Crypto Tokens

A new tech litigation funder known as Ryval is launching to allow everyday Americans to bet on civil lawsuits through the purchase (and trade) of associated crypto tokens. Investors can “buy and sell tokens that represent shares in a litigation and access a multi-billion dollar investment class previously unavailable to the public,” the company states.

“Ryval’s goal is to make access to justice more affordable,” said Kyle Roche, a trial lawyer and one of the startup’s founders. “What I want to do is make the federal court system more accessible for all.”

“What we do is: tell the story, vet the legal claim, and then allow the public to invest and give you the funds to go and litigate your case,” Roche said. “And what does the public get in return? The public gets an interest in the outcome of your suit.”